Our Guarantee

Bergen Tree Services Cumbria & North Lancs Tree Surgeons

  • I guarantee that we will only quote for necessary work – we are motivated by integrity, not profit
  • I guarantee that we will keep our appointments or call in good time to explain and re-schedule
  • I guarantee that our advice and quotations will be given without obligation – I would rather give free advice than see incompetent workmanship which would endanger the tree
  • I guarantee that the price stated will not be inflated at a later date – we give only firm quotations rather than estimates
    Beware of estimates – they have a nasty habit of being just that; no competent arborist should object to pricing guarantees
  • I guarantee that we will provide, with our written quotation, if requested, a Method Statement detailing the procedural methodology to be applied in the execution of the agreed scope of works
  • I guarantee that you would never know that we had been on your property – apart from the missing trees! We will treat your property as if it were our own
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Bergen Tree Services Andrew C Hancock RFS Cert Arb. Lindeth, City o Pinch, Holme, Cumbria. LA6 1QP Tel: 01524 782898 Mob: 07771 931193 Email: info@bergentreeservices.co.uk
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