Bergen Tree Services

We are committed to the sustainability of the local environment and economy and liaise with local businesses and initiatives such as wood turners, cabinet makers, charcoal producers and saw millers to ensure that we optimise all recycling opportunities for the by-products of our operations to reduce land-fill waste – over 95% of our by-products are recycled as either

Processed Wood Chip – applied to shrub and planted areas this improves moisture retention and, over time, soil condition, reduces frost penetration and nutrient loss.
Local recycling of this resource means fewer vehicle miles which helps reduce our carbon footprint and improves our operational efficiency; we are happy to pass these savings on to our customers

Timber – recycled either as furniture to enhance your garden or home, enabling the tree to continue to provide pleasure for many years after it has been felled, processed as fencing products or, in the case of poorer quality timber, converted for use as firewood

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Bergen Tree Services Andrew C Hancock RFS Cert Arb. Lindeth, City o Pinch, Holme, Cumbria. LA6 1QP Tel: 01524 782898 Mob: 07771 931193 Email:
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